Small Home Office? Try a Standing Floating Wall Desk

Short on office space? Check out floating wall desks!

I have spoken previously about building your own standing desk using basic shelving materials. However, if you have a small home office but need a larger workspace AND want additional space to hold office supplies, a floating wall desk can do the trick.

Standing Floating Wall Desk in Small Home OfficeThese floating desks are actually designed to be used with a chair, but you can attach them to a wall at any height, so they can be used as a stand up desk as well.

Minimal Space Required

In fact, they require less area this way because no chair is needed. This stand up workstation provides a great small office idea when you are limited on space. Plus, you don’t have to feel cramped while working.

Most models only stick out less than 2 feet from the wall, so you don’t have to worry about your standing workstation intruding into the room. Available in espresso and white.

Dimensions: approx 44″ long x 44″ tall x 20″ deep
Weight: 63 lbs
4 star rating

Another Good Idea: This wall-mounted desk functions as a computer workstation but some people have turned them into vanities or used them to organize miscellaneous items in the kitchen or front entry.

Standing Floating Wall Desk Gets Versatile:

The floating wall desk below has a very minimal design and comes with or without the upper storage hutch. It takes up very little space while proving ample storage at the same time.

Small Office Desk Idea with Floating Hutch for Extra StoragePrepac Designer Floating Desk, in Washed Ebony or White

I really like about this design. It can be a desk part-time and then display artwork, photos or other home decor when not being used as a work space. You’d never know it was a desk when displays home decor items. This gives you lots more options as far was where to put your desk (think living room, dining room, large hallway, etc..).

And if you happen to retire and don’t need a desk anymore, well, the floating wall desk can display, organize or hold a variety of other items!

Dimensions: 42.5″ long x 21″ tall x 20.5″ deep
Weight: 56 lbs
4.5 star rating

As you’ve probably noticed, these DIY home offices have a modern design yet can fit in virtually any style of home decor due to their simple IKEA-like construction.

Save a Ton of Money…

A standing floating wall desk with storage (or without) makes a great computer desk. You can essentially put it together yourself. Because you can set them up at any height, you don’t have to worry about finding a standing desk that adjusts to the proper height for you.

Wall-mounted desks save people a ton of money, since they are available for about $150-$200, rather than the typical $800-$1,200 for an adjustable standing workstation. Plus, since they arrive as assemble-yourself, they ship directly to you without huge shipping costs (many ship for free!)

Prepac Kurve Wall-Mounted DeskThe Kurve Desk has a similar style with a curved design. The working surface is 19″ deep, while the shelves are built to be smaller and stay out of the way. This unit comes in white, black or espresso and only costs about $135 $110.

Dimensions: 42″ long x 32″ tall x 19″ deep
Weight: 45 lbs

Keep in mind that all of these models hang on a wall at any height, so they make perfect standing desks for small spaces.


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