RebelDesk vs LifeSpan Treadmill Desk

Rebel Treadmill DeskThe Rebel Desk and Rebel Treadmill 1000 can be combined to make a very functional walking workstation, similar to the Lifespan Treadmill Desk and treadmill. In fact, at first glance, you might not be able to tell them apart.

Note: The Rebel Desk and Treadmill are no longer available. However, you can get a similar electric adjustable sit/stand desk and an under-desk treadmill for less money simply by going with lesser-known brands. =)

Desk and Treadmill Review:

The desks and the treadmills are both very similar to each other in design and function. They are both adjustable workstations, and the treadmills are designs specifically to be used with desks, and therefore have no arms.

There are some minor differences, which I point out below. The differences in features are not really deal-breakers. Your decision will probably come down to personal preference.

So how does the RebelDesk compare with LifeSpan – and what are the differences?

Well, let’s take a look…

Desk Treadmills Compared

Right off the bat, let’s note that the price is about the same for either option. However, the LifeSpan offers free shipping.

The Rebel Treadmill:

1. First, you’ll probably notice that the Rebel treadmill is white-grey vs the black Lifespan.

2. The walking belt on the Lifespan is about 3 inches longer (52″) than that of the Rebel (49″). Width is the same, 18″.

3. The Rebel has a maximum walking speed of 2.0 mph, whereas the Lifespan can go up to 4.0 mph.

4. The Lifespan is significantly heavier, with a shipping weight of 140 lbs vs 100 lbs shipping for the Rebel machine.

5. Maximum user weight on the Rebel Treadmill is 250 vs 300 lbs for the LifeSpan TR800 (and 350 lbs for the TR1200).

6. Rebel offers a 2-year warranty on the motor, LifeSpan has 3-year warranty.


The Rebel Treadmill Desk:


RebelDesk1. To move the adjustable height desk up or down, the RebelDesk has a convenient hand crank that is located right underneath the desktop.

The Lifespan desk has knobs on each of the 2 legs which need to be adjusted. This is less convenient than having a crank, but may not matter if you don’t plan on moving the desk.

2. The RebelDesk surface measures 48″ wide x 28″ deep VS the LifeSpan desk, which is 46.5″ x 31″.

3. The Rebel standing workstation can be raised 48″ off the ground, the LifeSpan desk 56″ off the ground.

Rebel Desk Power Outlets4. The LifeSpan workstation comes with accessories including a cable tray, bluetooth and foam armrest but no USB ports.

The RebelDesk has an electrical charging station with USB ports and side organizer trays but no foam armrest.

5. RebelDesk has a glass desktop option, LifeSpan does not.

One Last Note:

Both desks and treadmills can be purchased separately and can be used with interchangeably each other (ie. RebelDesk with Lifespan Treadmill).



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