Why Do I Like the LUXOR Standup Desk?

Luxor Stand Up DeskThe Luxor Standup CF48-DW is one of my new favorite sit-stand desks.

The reasons are that this workstation is extremely versatile and affordable (under $400). In my opinion, the more versatile a piece of furniture is, the more you will use it.

And, the money that you save on the desk gives you the opportunity to buy more office equipment, make your own under-desk treadmill or simply put the savings back in your pocket. Compared to the Lifespan Sit-and-Stand treadmill desk setup, you could save $800!

Standup Desk Versatility

1. Adjustable Height:

You can adjust the height of desk using the attached hand crank. This means that multiple people of different heights can use the same desk. In addition, you can also use this standing workstation as a regular desk that you can sit at. No need to buy (or find space for) 2 desks.

By the way, the manual hand crank is great. Some people assume that an automatic adjustable desk is better, but I would disagree. The manual adjustable desk doesn’t have to be plugged in, and it costs significantly less.

Luxor Stand Up Desk CF482. Rolling (& Locking) Casters

Unlike most other desks, the Luxor Standup Desk has locking wheels. You can easily move the desk to different locations and then lock the wheels in place when you are done moving it.

I work from home and find it very convenient to work in different areas of the house. It makes work more interesting, plus I can work outside if I want or in front of the TV.

On the other hand, if you work in an office, a moving desk is perfect if you need to collaborate with a co-worker on a project.

3. Fits Around a Treadmill

Most tall standing desks add a center support beam at the base of the unit to increase stability of the legs. This is fine, unless you want to slide a walking treadmill underneath.

If you have a walking treadmill, or think you may want to add one in the future, the Luxor Stand Up Desk allows you to do so. It’s just something to keep in mind: more versatility.

I think that mixing up your work environments and your working positions throughout the day is a much healthier way to live. People who move around more tend to develop better posture, minimize neck and back pain and burn more calories.

Personally, I have found that I can focus more easily and therefore get more work done in a shorter period of time. I have no problem with that!

Luxor Standup Desk Specs:

  • Desktop Dimensions: 47.25″ wide x 29.5″ deep
  • Adjustable Height: from 29″ high to 45.25″ high
  • Frame: steel, powder coat finish
  • Weight: 97 lbs
  • Assembly required, all tools and hardware included in package

Note: You ca also get a larger 60″ desk, and it has the same 29.5″ depth

About the Company:

Luxor Innovative Workspace Product Solutions has been making specialty furniture for work-intensive environments since 1946. Several of their products are standing workstations.


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