Why Get a Standing Desk Stool? And What Style?

Leaning vs sitting offers lots of ergonomic benefits, and that’s why I love the standing desk stool. Do you have back, neck or hip issues that are aggravated by sitting or standing for long periods of time? Then, you know what I’m talking about.

Mogo Standing Desk Stool: Just Add DeskWhen I transitioned to a standing desk and eventually to a treadmill desk, I never went back. However, not everybody shares this experience. Some people like Mikeal Cho start standing while working a quickly find that they don’t like it.

A standing desk stool or wobble stool can be the perfect solution, and you can continue using the stand-up desk.

If you find it difficult to stand for hours at a time, you are not alone. I actually find alternating between standing and treadmill walking much easier. I also think that transitioning slowly helps a lot. The body needs to get used to working at a new position. Don’t expect it to change overnight.

Increase Your Circulation & Avoid Stiff Joints

Rather than being seated where your back legs are at a stationary 90 degree angle all day, leaning opens up that angle so that you get better circulation and tendons and ligaments have less of an opportunity to tighten up. This concept hit home for me, as I personally experienced what seemed to be tight, shortened hip flexors due to all-day sitting. This ended up impacting my running and weight lifting in a big not-so-positive way.

Standing Desk Stool Offers Better Ergonomic Positioning

If you are looking for an ergonomic standing chair, you don’t want to simply get a taller chair. One-legged leaning stools designed specifically for stand up workstations help promote excellent posture by making it difficult to hunch over and encouraging movement while “sitting”.

Not only can you avoid chronic back pain issues that typically result from long-term poor posture, but these active seat designs can help you strengthen your core as well.

You Can Move Around More

Some adjustable height desks are designed to accommodate the need to switch between sitting and standing. This is especially helpful for new users but the flexibility is nice for all of us. You can go back and forth when you get tired of being in one position, and this also enables desk workers to move around more throughout the day.

However, are you are one of those people who gets really focused or engrossed in your work? If so, you know that it’s easy to lose track of time and realize 4 hours late that you have been sitting the entire time. That’s a problem that I ran into.

A leaning seat eliminates this problem because you can go from standing to leaning rather than sitting. But there are more reasons to consider using an adjustable standing stool…

Portability Gives You More Options

If you get a portable version like Focal Upright’s Mogo Stool, you can easily move it around your office or house. Or fold it up and travel with it. It only weighs 2.5 lbs!

Mogo Chair: 8″ x 14.5″ x 18.5″

Perfect for Small Spaces

Another advantage to having a small, portable adjustable seat is that it works well in small spaces. I know some users who have created home offices by simply installing a wall shelf at standing height.

If you need a temporary workspace like this that doesn’t impose on your living area, a shelf along with a Mogo standing office chair offers a great solution. It’s also easy and cheap!

Wobble Stool for Standing DeskWobble Stool

Another option is the Wobble Stool, which is similarly designed to promote god posture and encourage movement while seated.

It can accommodate multiple users and/or multiple work heights due to the fact that it is adjustable. And rather than being stationary, it wobbles!

Stitz Stools

Stitz Stools
courtesy of https://www.2modern.com
If you want something fancier, you may want to take a look at the Wilkhahn Stitz Stool which comes with either a natural waxed cork seat or one with embossed black leather. Be ready to pay $998.

The Locus Seat

The locus seat offers a more complete package. This standing desk “chair” costs about $700 and includes a anti-fatigue mat for your feet. It is not as mobile but offers users an elevated angled area on which to place their feet.

Yes, it’s cool and comfortable, but it’s also expensive when compared to the $99 Mogo Stool. See what Macworld and TheInsiderTrainer.com think of the locus.


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