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Billie Richards

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I’m Billie. My search for treadmill desks started with back pain I was having. I wanted to get rid of the back pain I was having – but also prevent it from coming back. Due to working long hours on a computer, I needed to find a solution that would essentially… work while I worked.

The project began when I got an ergonomic chair. This turned into sitting on an exercise ball at my desk, which in turn led me to building a standing workstation which eventually took me to treadmill desks.

For me, the treadmill desk makes the perfect solution to keep my back healthy. However, I did not know that it would help me stay more focused while working. Then, I started getting a lot more done, which I didn’t expect. I stopped eating at my desk (a bad habit I had developed). Plus, I of course stopped getting stiff legs from sitting for hours at a time.

Just like elevated desks, walking workstations take some getting used to. I started with small sessions and eventually worked up to longer time periods – actually without really thinking about it. Although I still sit occasionally, I really prefer standing.

Through my own experience and research, I gained some valuable insight into the world of treadmill desks and standing workstations. Thus, I can shed some light and answer your questions so that you can easily find the ultimate work set up that you want. I tell you – it makes working a lot more fun.

Anyway, if you still have questions that aren’t answered on the site, please contact us. I am happy to help if I can.

Billie Richards

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