Ultra-Quiet Treadmill Desk – for Sitting, Standing & Walking…

Do you want a sit-to-stand workstation that’s comfortable, easy to use and doesn’t make a lot of noise? Lifespan Fitness makes a quiet treadmill desk that allows you to sit, stand or walk.

Ultra Quiet Treadmill Desk for Lifespan Fitness

This is One of the Best Quiet Treadmills for an Office:

With the push of a button, you can lift or lower your desktop in seconds. So, you can quickly adjust from walking to seated without really interrupting your work projects.

Plus, this walking treadmill has a very quiet motor and built-in shock absorbers. You don’t have to worry about making noise during phone calls, conferences or even disturbing other people in the office. (Great office treadmill option.)

Best Quiet Office Treadmill - Doesn't Disturb Phonecalls or Conference Calls

I mush prefer having a sit-to-stand treadmill desk over a standard stand-up desk because you don’t have to commit to walking or standing all day at your desk. For example, I like to walk for an hour and then sit for an hour. And sometimes I may only walk for 30 minutes.

Note: To sit on your treadmill, many people (myself included) use a balance/fitness ball. They are cheap, comfortable and easy to move. Balls come in different sizes, so choose the size that matches your height for the optimal ergonomic fit.

Fitness Ball Measurements to Use as a Desk Chair

Health Benefits of a Treadmill Desk:

Even if you only log 2 hours of walking during the day at your desk, you can easily rack up 5,000-6,000 steps. That’s a good amount of calories that you can burn throughout the day without having to take time before or after work to exercise. (Plus, the desk automatically counts your steps for you!)

Walking Treadmill with Step Counter

In addition, reducing long sit times with more movement helps some people get rid of low back pain. Not to mention, walking can help improve posture and give you more energy as you work.

In fact, I find that my focus gets better when I work at my treadmill desk (as opposed to sitting). Consequently, I get more work done in less time, and I tend to get distracted less. Plus, I’ve found these desks to be really good for studying, training and multi-tasking.

Treadmill Desk Cable Management

Another feature that I like about this electric treadmill desk is that it hides all wires and cord for you. It comes with an internal cable routing system, so you can plug in all your devices without having lots of loose wires hanging off your desktop.

Not only does this keep your workspace clean and organized, it looks professional too. And, the console sits on the desktop armrest – for easy access to treadmill and desk controls.

Note: Alternatively, you can get a Lifespan under desk treadmill (without the desk). This can be a good option is you already have desk that you want to use, and probably the best walking treadmill for standing desk if you want something super quiet.

Using Your Treadmill Desk at Home:

If you’re thinking about using a treadmill desk for a home office, you don’t need a lot of space. For example, with the small-sized desk, you only ned a 6-foot by 4-foot footprint.

These walking desks are conveniently compact, and you can even roll the treadmill out of the way if you need to. (It comes with 2 wheels.)

Plus, the adjustable height feature makes it ideal for multiple users. Therefore, different people in the household can share the desk, and you can get a lot of value out of it.

Note: A potential downside to this walking pad is that it has a maximum speed of 4 mph. Therefore, you can’t use it for running.

Specs for the Lifespan Treadmill Desk:

  • Dimensions: 68.5 Long x 38-48″ Wide (depending on desk width)
  • Adjustable Desk Height: 27.5″ to 50.5″ Tall
  • Treadmill Belt Size: 50″ Long x 20″ Wide
  • Step-Up Height: 4.6″ High
  • 6 Compression ShocksLifespan Electric Treadmill Desk with Adjustable Height
  • Incline: No
  • Treadmill Weight: 114 lbs
  • Desk Weight: 86 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Max Speed: 4.0 mph
  • Motor: 2.25 HP
  • Voltage: AC 115V (non-GFI)
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Control Console Located on Desktop
  • Internal Cable Management System Included
  • Has Step Counter
  • 6 Desktop Color Options + Frae Color Choices
  • Warranty: Frame, 10 Years, Parts: 2 Years, Labor: 1 Year
  • Review/Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 Stars
  • Model: TR1200
  • Brand: Lifespan Fitness
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Treadmill with Desk


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