A (Good) Cheap Under Desk Treadmill Under $300?

Do you want an affordable walking treadmill that you can use under a standing workstation? This cheap under desk treadmill not only has a low price, but a slim profile that helps it fit better in small spaces too! (Also check out the GoPlus Walking Treadmill.)

Cheap Under Desk Treadmill - Under $400

In fact, I personally like this inexpensive walking pad just as much as some of the other more expensive versions. Here’s why…

Walking Treadmill Folded Upright for Easy Compact Storage

1. Compact Treadmill Design is Very User-Friendly

First of all, the slim, compact design makes this machine easier to set up and move. Not to mention, it only weighs about 65 pounds, so you can move it by yourself.

If you’ve ever owned home fitness equipment, you know that heavy, bulky machines are typically awkward and inconvenient to move. On the other hand, lighter-weight models that can fold up or roll around make much more appealing options.

By the way, this Conquer treadmill folds and rolls. =)

2. Handy Remote Gives You Easy Control

Second, you control the walking belt via a handheld remote. Therefore, you don’t have a built-in monitor on your desktop than can be distracting.

Plus, you can you can choose to keep the remote on your desk or in your pocket. In either case, you can have it within easy reach.

The front of the treadmill contains a screen larger enough to see while you’re standing. It can display the elapsed time, distance walked or calories burned.

Large Display Screen on Walking Treadmmill - Easy to Read While Walking

3. Treadmill is Quiet

Third, the treadmill belt runs surprisingly quiet. Most people prefer a machine that makes less noise because then it won’t cause a distraction in the office. Plus, it won’t make it difficult to hear phone calls, etc…

Note: In my experience, noise from walking on a treadmill comes more from your steps than the belt itself. Consequently, when I wear quieter shoes, my treadmill sounds quieter.

4. Small Treadmill Fits Better in Small Rooms

Fourth, the shorter and narrower size makes the Conquer fit more easily into smaller rooms. In fact, the Conquer measures almost 10″ shorter than some other walking pads.

Note: By the way, you don’t need a long walking surface on a treadmill because you take shorter steps walking VS running. Therefore, some people actually prefer shorter treadmill belts.

Are Smaller Walking Treadmills Better?

Cheap Walking Treadmill with Mobile Desk on WheelsIf you have a home office that doubles as a spare bedroom, this compact walking treadmill might work perfectly. Plus, slim machines can fit under smaller desks. In other words, you aren’t limited to only big workstations.

For example, check out this space-saving mobile desk on wheels that fits snugly around the treadmill on the right. Not all machines can fit because most are too wide.

Just like the portable walking treadmill, this mobile desk is lightweight and easy to move. Not to mention, it only costs about $125!

Cheap Under Desk Treadmill Specs:

  • Dimensions: 54″ Long x 23″ Wide x 5.5″ High
  • Walking Belt Dimensions: 41.5″ Long x 16″ Wide
  • Upright storage height: 53″ Tall
  • Weight: Approximately 64 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 198 lbs
  • Max Speed: 3.7 MPH
  • 110V, 1.5 CHP
  • Model #: 330-UDTM
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Remote Requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Brand: Conquer
  • Phone: (855) 349-4327
  • Get the Conquer Walking Treadmill Here

This cheap walking treadmill makes it much easier to justify upgrading your workstation. Whether you want to lose weight, relieve back pain or simply stay active while you work, this device provides a great option.

What’s the Cheapest Walking Treadmill?

Manual Walking Treadmill - the Cheapest Treadmill for People on a BudgetDo you want the lowest priced walking pad for your office or home use? Most likely, you will need to buy a manual machine. In other words, you power the belt each time you step with your feet.

Of course, these body-powered machines require more effort to use, but if it’s exercise you want, you’ll get it. =) Plus, manual devices feature a slight incline in order to work.

The manual version is the best option if you are on a tight budget and need to save money. However, the upright arms make it less suitable to fit underneath a desk.

Plus, I find that an electric-powered belt makes it easier to focus on working while you walk, (since it’s automatic).


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