# of Calories Burned Walking on a Treadmill Desk

For many people, treadmill desks provide an easy way to keep moving throughout the day. Plus, many people like to track their calories burned walking while they work.

Billie RichardsIncorporating a basic movement such as walking can help alleviate back pain, help you stay more focused, get more done and course, lose weight. This concept is so simple that many of us overlook it as an effective health remedy. Now a $1000 treadmill desk doesn’t seem so expensive after all, does it?

But how much weight can you burn while walking?

This simple calculator will help you figure out the amount of calories you can burn. Of course, these numbers are approximate and will vary. It will depend on your weight, metabolism, incline, etc..

The key takeaway is the fact that yes, you can burn a significant amount of calories throughout the day while working at a treadmill desk. Contrary what many people think, this occurs even if you are going at a slow pace of 1 MPH.

Increasing your activity throughout the day can give your metabolism a small boost. This enables your body to burn more calories all day long. Not only that, but when your body is more active (vs being sedentary for long periods of time), moving actually becomes easier and requires less effort. Easier is better, right?

The average person can typically lose about 1 pound of body fat for every 3500 calories burned. If you ask me, I’d rather be more active throughout the day without having to think about it than having to fit in a hardcore stressful workout during the day.

Surprisingly, when you evaluate these two scenarios side-by-side, the active person burns more calories doing things like slow walking without having to visit the gym!

Let’s Do the Math:

To put this in perspective, let’s say that you work while walking at your treadmill desk for 4 hours of the day at 1.5 MPH. Using the calculations in the chart below, this totals 480 calories burned. Most likely this is greater than what you would burn running for 30 minutes after work.

Calories Burned Walking: The Bottom Line

Therefore, not only have you received all of the benefits of walking-while-working, you no longer need to make a special trip to the gym after work (unless you want to, of course). Essentially, you can get more done in less time and feel better while doing it. Calories Burned Walking on a Treadmill Desk

Walking at a slow pace while working is not strenuous. However, if you start walking several hours a day everyday, your feet are definitely getting their steps in. In this case, you may want to get a pair of massage slip-ons, like the Adidas Adissage Sandals. They don’t cost much compared to other massage tools, yet they provide a gentle, effective foot massage.


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