EGOFit M2 Treadmill with Vibration Platform – Pros & Cons

Do you want an under-desk treadmill that also allows you to run at a faster pace? The EGOFIT M2 Treadmill with Vibration Platform lets you walk, work, run and vibrate all using one machine.

And it doesn’t cost more than many other walking treadmills. In fact, you can get the entire unit for less than $700!

Treadmill with Vibration Platform - Use as a Treadmill Desk for Working, Walking, Running, Vibration

Pros & Cons of Using the EGOFIT M2 for Your Treadmill Desk:

This treadmill has a few advantages, especially for people with limited space or who want versatility. And, of course, if you’ve ever wanted a vibration platform, here’s your chance!

1. You Can Run on this Under-Desk Treadmill

First of all, (PRO) you can walk and run on this unit. Most flat walking treadmills designed for workstations don’t allow you to move faster than 4 MPH.

So, if you want a machine that lets you work AND get in a sweat-inducing cardio workout in, the M2 provides a viable option.

2. You Can Fold the Treadmill Arms Flat

Dimensions for Treadmill with Vibration PlatformSecond, (PRO) the EGOFIT does not have stationary upright arms that prevent you from using a desk. With standard treadmills, if you can’t move the arms to put a desk over it, it usually can’t function as a workstation.

3. The Walking/Running Platform Doesn’t Incline

Third, (CON) you cannot raise the platform to an incline. Therefore, you can’t make your workouts more challenging by simulating running up hills.

Having said that, many people find that a flat running surface works just fine. Not to mention, the machine comes with a vibrating platform.

4. This Treadmill is Easy to Move and Store

Upright Treadmill Folded Flat for StorageFourth, (PRO) you can fold this machine flat, lift it vertically and roll it into a closet for storage. If you use your treadmill desk in a spare bedroom, for example, this can be a big advantage when you have guests stay over. =)

Not to mention, you can roll it under a bed or lean it up against a wall when not in use. This space-efficient machine really comes in handy for those living in smaller apartments.

In addition, the versatile treadmill is easy to roll into different areas of your home or even outside.

5. This Low-Maintenance Treadmill has Self-Lubrication

Fifth, (PRO) the EGOFIT has a self-lubrication feature. If you’ve ever owned a treadmill before, you know that the belt requires regular greasing to prevent squeaks.

Usually, this means loosening and lifting the belt and spraying a lubricant underneath. Although not time consuming, some people consider this a chore. However, the EGOFIT makes this task easy with its self-lubrication feature.

6. You get a Free Vibration Platform!

Running and Shaking Sections of the Vibrating TreadmillSixth, we can’t forget the vibration platform. Some people have never used one, so you may not know the benefits.

According to the Mayo Clinic, whole-body vibration may assist with weight loss, better flexibility, blood flow and increased strength. In addition, it may also reduce stress and muscle soreness. Advocates suggest a routine of 15 minutes 3 times a week.

Of course, using a walking treadmill under your desk provides its own numerous benefits. For example, most people get one to burn calories and lose weight.

However, walking while working can also boost your focus and brain function. Consequently, you can complete work projects faster, and who doesn’t want that, right?

EGOFIT 3-in-1 Package Includes:

  • Under Desk Treadmill
  • LED Display (shows distance, speed, time & calories burned)
  • Remote Control
  • Lubricant
  • Allen Key

In addition, minimizing your “sit” time can improve posture and prevent back pain. In other words, a simple treadmill desk can boost your health and help you feel better throughout the day.

Ever since I’ve added a treadmill desk to my home office, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the amount of work I get done throughout the way. Plus, I feel more energetic.

Specs for the Treadmill with Vibration Platform:

  • Dimensions on Floor: 63″ Long x 26.8″ Wide
  • Treadmill Belt Size: 43.5″ Long x 16.6″ Wide
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Max Speed; 7.5 MPH
  • No Incline
  • Treadmill Motor: 3HP
  • Treadmill Voltage: 100~110V 50/60HZ
  • Vibration Motor: 400 Watts
  • Model #: M2
  • Manufacturer: EGOFIT
  • Get the M2 Treadmill Here


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