3 DIY Standing Desk Ideas Between $25 and $150

Billie RichardsDo you want to save money on a stand-up workstation? Below I’ve listed 3 DIY standing desk ideas that let you keep some money in your pocket. Plus, you can customize your workspace to fit your needs.

You can spend as little as $25 to $150 and still have a fully-functional desk for either a standing workstation or treadmill. Sure, you may get a smaller desktop, and you may need to forgo some of the bells and whistles of the fancier desks. That said, these options let you decide.

Here are 3 DIY standing desk ideas/plans…

1. Custom Shelving Unit – Turned Standing Desk:

The first way is build a desk from scratch. If you are handy and like building things, this can be a great solution that can be really cheap.

However, don’t think you have to be skilled carpenter to master a DIY standing desk project! Check out this video below, where the only tool you need is a hack saw!

Remember, your workstation doesn’t have to be fancy. You mainly want to consider the height of your desk, the width if you need it to fit over a treadmill and the size of your desktop.

2. The $25 DIY Standing Desk Method:

Bamboo Treadmill Desk Attachment with Velcro StrapsThe second way is to fasten a desktop to the arms of your treadmill. Of course, this solution only applies to those who have a treadmill or plan on buying one that has arms long enough to support a working surface.

Some people have done this using inexpensive materials like shelving, zip ties and metal hardware. This simple DIY project requires minimal tools and no special skills. Many times, you can buy all of the supplies you need at your local hardware store for under $25 and build your desk in under an hour.

This strategy does dome with a downside, however. The working surface typically tilts and doesn’t provide a lot of space. Of course, this depends on the position of your treadmill handlebars. However, if you already have a treadmill and simply want to test walking while working, why not try out this idea?

And behind Door #3…

3. The Movable, Portable Desk: 

Workez Standing DeskThe third option is to purchase an adjustable stand that you can place on your existing desk. One example is the Workez Standing Desk, as shown on the right.

This raises the level where your computer monitor would be, enabling you to stand and work without having to buy an entirely new workstation. You can use it for either a laptop or a desktop computer, and there is even a spot to put your mouse.

Although the raised workspace is  typically smaller, a big advantage to this strategy is that you can simply move your adjustable computer stand if you feel like sitting down at your desk.

It is not a permanent fixture, so you can move your working location throughout the day if you want. You can also move it to different locations throughout the house, if you work from home.

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