Easy 30-Minute DIY Scaffolding Desk for Treadmills

Treadmill desks can get expensive, like $500 and higher. On the other hand, building a standing desk takes time, energy and skill. That’s why I love the scaffolding desk.

Scaffolding Desk - Movable, Adjustable, Spacious and Cheaper than You Think

Yes, this stand up desk is made from an actual scaffolding that you simply assemble. Plus, you can buy one for as little as $160-180.

This is the resource I used: Amazon.com.

Besides being easy to assemble, the scaffolding desk has a few more cool features.

1. You Can Easily Move the Desk.

Locking Wheels on Scaffold DeskThe scaffolding comes with rolling casters (detachable), which make it super easy to move. Plus, you can lock the wheels into place to prevent it from moving.

Even if you don’t plan on moving your desk, these industrial casters just look cool. That said, you may find that they actually come in handy as you continue to read this list.

2. You Can Adjust the Desktop Height.

Although not as precise as automated treadmill desks, you can adjust the height of the scaffolding in 2-inch segments. I think this provides plenty of flexibility, which also comes in handy if you decide to switch between treadmill or no treadmill.

By the way, removing the casters shortens the desktop by 6 1/4″.

3. The Desktop has Lots of Space.

This scaffolding provides and enormous working surface that measures 6 feet long by 29″ wide. Whether you have several computer screens or like to work on multiple projects at once, this spacious desktop is really convenient.

In addition, the 6 foot span of the desk actually enables 2 people to use this desk (even with 2 treadmills!). If you have enough space, I’d recommend placing the treadmills on opposite sides of the platform so you won’t crowd each other.

Scaffold Desk with Clip-On Light

4. Get a Convenient Spot for Desk Lamps.

The upper bars provide the perfect location for clip-on lamps. Lamps don’t take up valuable desk space, plus you can adjust the light where you want it to shine.

For heavier clip lamps, I wrap the neck around the bar to support the weight of the lampshade. This strategy works perfectly.


Man Repairing Ceiling While Standing on Scaffolding

5. Use Your Scaffolding for Other Activities…

Of course, you can use your scaffold desk for household tasks. For example, you can easily change light bulbs, paint or access hard-to-reach areas if you have high ceilings.

In addition, you can transform a scaffolding desk into an extra table for guests, a serving table, a bench or as a storage shelf.

In fact, you can even lower the platform and use it as a bed frame with a small inflatable mattress.

See how much money you can save??

There are also some disadvantages to a scaffold desk…

1. Scaffoldings are wide and tall. As you’d expect, they don’t fit well in compact spaces. Plus, they may make a small room look cramped.

2. This scaffolding weighs a lot. This doesn’t matter when you can roll it around (it’s effortless to roll). However, when the package arrives, it can be challenging for a small person to move alone.

3. The industrial look may not work in some office environments. Especially because of its yellow color. =)

Scaffolding Desk Specs:

  • Material: Steel Frame, 1/2″ Thick Wood Platform
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Scaffolding Width: 29″ (can fit through standard doorway)
  • Platform Dimensions: 6′ Long x 29″ Wide
  • Lowest Platform Height: 27″
  • Highest Platform Height: 71″
  • Color: Yellow
  • 4 Locking Swivel Casters Included
  • Product Manual
  • Get it Here: Amazon or from Walmart



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