How the SurfShelf Helps You Burn More Calories

Billie RichardsLet’s say you already have a treadmill – or exercise bike or elliptical trainer for that matter. You may want a surface where you can place your laptop or tablet, but you don’t need an entire desk.

Well, you don’t have to buy an expensive treadmill desktop set-up. Plus, you don’t have to figure out how to build an attachable desk yourself. There is a third option. It’s brilliant and under $50!

How to Turn Your Treadmill into a Treadmill Desk:

Surfshelf for Treadmill DesksIt’s called a SurfShelf. It can hold your electronic gadgets while you are working out, which may be all you need for listening in on conference calls, training sessions, reading a proposal, checking email or learning Spanish online like me.

But I Can’t Do That!

Yes, I realize that if you’re running at top speed on your treadmill, you may not be able to read fine print or take notes, but that may be a super fine reason to slow down and take it easy.

Who is the SurfShelf For?

Although you may not be able to complex tasks using this working surface, it’s great for (1) people who are looking for a little extra motivation to work out on a regular basis and (2) multi-taskers who want to be doing other things while they are working out or (3) people who frequently travel and find themselves working out at hotel gyms a lot.

The SurfShelf can be a great excuse to watch that movie while walking instead of sitting on the sofa eating popcorn. It also means that if you are one of those people who spends 2 hours a day checking Facebook, now you can turn that into productive time. =)

How Does the SurfShelf Work?

The SurfShelf is easy to attach (takes 1 minute) to most exercise machines mentioned above. It’s adjustable and super strong, so if you’re not a “do-it-yourselfer”, you’re in luck. It even comes with a strong velcro strap, so you don’t have to constantly worry about all of your gadgets falling to the floor at any moment. They will be safe. (You can even use it at your gym if you are not working out at home.)

In comparison to a DIY standing desk, the SurfShelf has a compact size. Plus, you can easily remove it and store it in a closet when not in use. You can take it traveling with you, and it has a nice clean look that is well-designed. The convenience of it may be just what some people need to get them walking for 30 minutes each morning. Simply do it while watching the morning news or making work calls.

By the way, if you frequently use a tablet or this type of accessory interests you, Freewell (the manufacturer), makes other useful hands-free devices specifically for tablets and laptops, like the Zhip and the Safety Lounger. Both are inexpensive ways to make your movie watching, working and other online activities a lot more convenient.

To make sure that it fits to your machine, check out the buyer guide or read more on the Surf Shelf.



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