Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Desk as a… Standing Desk?

Although treadmill desks can do wonders for our health, they don’t come cheap. If you want a treadmill desk at home (for less cost), you may want to consider a wall mounted drop leaf desk.Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Desk Provides Perfect Money-Saving and Space-Saving Option for Treadmill Desks and Standing Workstations

1. You Can Save $100’s on a Treadmill Desk

You can get a decent-sized wall-mounted desk for about $60 and bypass the typical $500+ workstation. This gives you a lot more money to spend on an under-desk treadmill. Alternatively, you could forgo the treadmill altogether and simply build a standing desk.

2. Wall Mounted Desks Easily Fit Over Treadmills

Another big reason that I like wall-mounted desks is that they don’t have legs. Therefore, you don’t have to buy or build a special-sized desk to fit around the width of your treadmill. Just install the desk where you want it and slide your treadmill underneath it. Done!

3. Assemble and Install this Drop Leaf Desk in 30 Minutes

Wall Desk Support Bracket with HingesEven if you buy a desk, many models require assembly. Typically, the materials are large, heavy and cumbersome. However, this drop leaf desk weighs less than 15 lbs. You can install it in under 30 minutes without any lifting. How’s that for a DIY home improvement project?

Along those lines, you can easily un-install and move this desk if you need to. Most people don’t plan on moving a wall-mounted desk once they drill holes into the wall. That said, it’s nice to know that you can if you change your mind.

4. You Can Use Your Treadmill Without the Desk

Drop leaf wall mounted desks also have another cool design feature that I haven’t seen with other desks. They fold down. Well, obviously, but why would you care?

Because, if you want to walk or run on your treadmill without having a desk sticking out at you, you can fold it flat against the wall. This makes your treadmill desk even more functional than you thought, right?

5. Save Lots of Space & Install Virtually Anywhere

If you choose the standing desk option VS a treadmill desk, this drop-leaf design has yet another advantage. It saves you space because it folds flat when not in use.

This unique feature opens up a world of opportunities as to where you can set up your desk. For example, you can install it in a closet, a kitchen, your bedroom, etc.. plus, since you won’t be using a chair, you don’t have to figure out where to store that. Brilliant!

Even Lifehacker.com wrote about this concept on their website as a good solution for people with limited space.

Wall Mounted Standing Desk Offers Good Solution for People with Limited Space
courtesy of Lifehacker.com

Specs for Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Desk:

  • Dimensions: 31.8″ Wide x 23.8″ Deep x 2.2″ Thick
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Material: Solid Wood (Varnished)
  • Color: White
  • Load Capacity: Approximately 55 lbs
  • Includes Hinges and Wall Mount
  • Model #: 33012
  • Get the Drop Leaf Desk Here

Perfect Desk Size and How to Build Your Own…

I like the size of the desktop surface because it provides plenty of working space while not taking up too much area. In addition, it comes out from the wall just enough to use a treadmill comfortably.

In other words, if the desk only came 12″ or 18″ out from the wall, you might find yourself stepping too far forward and off the treadmill belt. I know this, because my wall-mounted desk sticks out from the wall 24″, and it gives me just the right amount of space.

Having said that, you may want a custom-sized wall desk. For example, it you use multiple desktop computers at once and need a larger space.

Below, you can check out a DIY tutorial on how to build your own wall mounted drop leaf desk. Plus, you can paint or stain it any color you like…


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