How to Use the Ergotron Standing Desk

Ergotron Standing Desk in Multiple PositionsSo let’s say that you want an adjustable desk that you can use for sitting and standing. Let’s say that you also want the option to use a treadmill with that same standing desk.

So greedy, aren’t we? Well no, not really. We just want a workstation that can do everything.

That’s OK, because I’ve got the perfect solution. It’s called the Ergotron Desk.

It’s actually really cool, because it can do a lot more that you’d ever expect from a desk. In fact, you will probably never look at a desk the same way again. Let me explain…

Desktop Adjust in 3 Seconds. Seriously.

First of all, you can re-position the desktop while you are working. That’s right. No need to take anything apart or even clear your desk. You simply press a brake lever underneath the desktop and the “spring-loaded” surface slowly rises up to the level where you want it. I know, right?

Because it’s so quick and easy, users can change their working position multiple times a day if they want. No time lost. If you feel yourself hunching over, with a push of the lever, you can be standing in seconds. If your legs are getting tired, 3 seconds later you can be comfortably sitting in your chair. This is customization at its best!

Optional Accessories for a More Efficient Workspace:

As you’ll notice, this workstation set up is very functional but extremely simple at the same time. Not a lot of gizmos and gadgets that bring the price up – but cool functional accessories that you can get if you want them.

Monitor Arm and Keyboard Tray on Ergotron Standing DeskTwo add-ons that I like are the pull-out keyboard tray and the attachable monitor arm as show in the photos on the right.

The adjustable arm lets you swivel your computer monitor exactly where you want it – while lifting it off of your desktop and giving you even more workspace (you can even get a dual monitor arm if you want!). Position it a comfortable height so you can work in comfort in the optimal posture. Brilliant!

Plus, you can push your keyboard tray discreetly underneath your desk when not in use, so you can work on other projects without your keyboard getting in the way!

How to Use the Ergotron Desk with a Walking Treadmill:

Unlike some other standing desks, this model is wide enough to fit a treadmill underneath. Now, in addition to sitting and standing, you can also walk while you work, and maybe even whistle…

Not all treadmills will work, however. You will need one that is designed to work with desks, such as the LifeSpan Desk Treadmill or the Rebel Treadmill that do not have vertical arms that will interfere with your desk. Instead, these machines have “remote” digital control consoles that you can conveniently place on your desktop for easy access.

Specs for the Ergotron Standing Desk:

The desk surface measures about 4′ wide x 2′ deep. It can hold up to 65 pounds. There are 3 color options: birch, walnut and light grey. Legs are always black.

There is some assembly required when you first get the desk, but after that, there are no tools needed to make adjustments. It’s well-made and durable, so this is one piece of furniture you don’t have to hassle with.



Light Gray

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