Exerpeutic Treadmill Desk – High Tech Features + Low Price

The Exerpeutic treadmill desk comes with great feature, but it also has some downsides. If you are thinking about buying this machines, hopefully this review will help you decide if it’s right for you – or not.

Exerpeutic Treadmill Desk

Exerpeutic 5000 Exerwork Treadmill Desk Combo - High Tech Features at a Low PriceNote: Exerpeutic has a newer model of this treadmill workstation called the Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork. You can now adjust the desk height to match your height. Therefore, you don’t have to hunch over or wear platform shoes to achieve optimal desk posture. =)

It costs about the same as the older version, but has a much more modern and efficient desktop design.

The Good:

1. The first thing I noticed was the price. You can get the entire treadmill with desk for under $700 – plus you don’t have to pay shipping in many cases. This is an excellent price, as many treadmills alone cost more than this – and many standing desks as well.

2. The desktop offers plenty of work space without being so gigantic that you can’t fit it in your office. It’s about 4 feet x 2 feet and can hold up to 80 lbs of stuff – not that you want to load it up, but it can definitely handle a computer, laptop and plenty of other gadgets at one time.

3. This is an electric treadmill, and you can adjust the incline to 15%. With some lower-end machines, you have to give up one of these two features, but with this model you get both.

4. The belt is 40″ long, making it ideal for people who have limited space or who want a smaller machine. Because of it’s smaller size, it also weighs less than other machines so it is easier to move. Users who want to be able to move their equipment often will like this benefit.

5. The desktop quickly flips down completely when not in use. This is different than other treadmill desk set ups, which use desks that do not fold or require more work. Let’s say you only use the desk half of the time and the other half use it for fitness walking, the Exerpeutic makes it super simple to switch.

6. You can incline the desk surface at 4 different angles. For computer-users, this may not matter, but if you draw, design or write, you may appreciate this unusual feature.

7. The Exerpeutic includes an AC outlet station on the desktop, so you can plug in and charge your equipment and gadgets. There are also pre-drilled holes for keeping wires out of the way and organized.

Foam Comfort Armrest on Exerpeutic Desktop8. The desk includes a foam armrest, which is nice if you plan work long hours while walking. Many desks do not have this, but this small accessory can make a big different in working comfort. If you make your own desk, consider adding a foam armrest.

9. You can easily fold up the entire treadmill with desk and store it in a closet or out of the way. Here are the dimensions in case you need them: 38”L x 36”W x 60”H.

10. The motor has a 5-year warranty (vs 3-year for the Lifespan).

The Bad:

1. Although the desktop is adjustable by angle, it is not adjustable by height. There is only one height option (4 feet from the treadmill to desk), so I would not recommend the Exerpeutic Treadmill to people who are tall or short. Many users under 5’5″ and over 6’0″ tall have said that they would prefer an adjustable desktop.

2. On that note, the desk cannot be adjusted forward or backward. Although it fits most users, if you don’t like the way it is positioned (check out the photos), then tough luck.

Exerpeutic Treadmill Desk in folded and set up positions3. The belt is 40″. Even though this is an advantage for small rooms, the shorter length means that people with long legs or a wider stride will either hit their toes on the front of the machine or worry about falling off the back of the treadmill. For comparison’s sake, longer belts on other machines run about 56″. Keep in mind that your stride will typically be shorter when walking as opposed to running. It’s a good idea to try walking on a treadmill in a gym or sporting good store to check out your stride and what feels comfortable to you.

4. The machine has a maximum 4mph speed, so it is designed for walking. Most people program the speed to around 1mph to 1.5 mph while working. If you want to also use your treadmill for running, I would get a different product that allows you to go faster and has a longer belt.

5. The 1.5 horse power motor is smaller than other models (other more expensive styles usually have 2 – 2.25 HP).

6. The treadmill has safety arms that extend 18″, much longer than other machines. This can be nice for running, but when used as a walking workstation, these arms can get in the way. Some users have removed them.

7. Don’t expect a full-featured computer. Although the Exerpeutic tracks calories, speed and mileage, it’s very basic.

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