Treadmill Desk Workout… with a Weighted Vest?

Many people like the idea of walking while working because they can relieve back tension. Not to mention, it keeps the body moving and helps improve focus on work projects. In other words, a treadmill desk workout can make work time very efficient, especially with a weighted vest.

weight vest for walking while working
All that said, however, some people want to take their “walking” to the next level. Why not multi-task while you are working by burning calories and losing weight at the same time? Of course, walking by itself can help you lose weight, but what if you want to burn calories faster?

Well, I have an idea for you. The Adjustable Weighted Vest

Some friends of mine were recently talking about wearing weighted vests throughout the day while carrying out chores and doing projects around the house. They said it’s actually more tiring than they thought, and they didn’t have to wear that much weight. (Note: these are athletic, fit people who are used to more intense workouts.)

I Did Some Research on Treadmill Walking with a Weighted Vest

I also did some research on people who wear weighted vests while walking on a treadmill. Some even do it at a steep 10% or 15% incline. Even at a slower 2 mile walking pace, this treadmill incline workout brought out the sweat. Note: the weight of the vest was only 20 pounds.

Now, if you’re trying to get work done at your treadmill desk, I imagine you may not want to be huffing and puffing and sweating through your clothes. On the flip side, if you are listening in on an hour-long conference call in your home office, that might be the perfect time to squeeze in a calorie-burning and stress-relieving workout.

With a weight vest, you can increase the intensity of your movement or workout without having to increase the speed. This is important if you are trying to walk and work at the same time. You want your treadmill desk to be an advantage – not hinder your work. Check out this calorie-burning chart using a weight vest to see what I mean:

Calories Burned Using Weighted Vest [Chart]
courtesy of
Look at all that you can do with them:

The cool thing about weighted vests is that you can adjust the weight to whatever amount fits your needs at that particular time. They are quite versatile, so you can easily get your money’s worth.

For example, they can be used while running, practicing yoga, doing strength training exercises or simply everyday tasks around the house. (By the way, these are GREAT for strengthening your legs doing lunges.)

They also are not that inexpensive, when compared to other weight training gear. The vest shown above is a unisex version, so multiple people can use the same vest. Not at the same time, of course.

What’s the Best Vest for a Treadmill Desk Workout?

There are lots of good vests, so I don’t want to claim that this one is the “best weighted vest”, but it is a great price, even when you factor in the shipping cost. Unless you need additional weight (like the 40lb version), or you are looking for special features (such as a women’s vest that opens in front), this is a good deal.

Check out the video below to find out what Fitness Expert Peter Nielsen thinks about wearing a weighted vest while walking or exercising. In addition, he says that studies have shown that wearing a vest with weights can actually improve and support your back more than harm it, when used correctly.



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