FitDesk – A Sit-Stand Desk that Rolls Around Too?

If you want a sit-stand desk without spending over $300, check out the FitDesk. It even has wheels, so you can move it where you need it – instantly.

FitDesk Sit-Stand Desk on Wheels

For less than $300, the FitDesk comes with quite a few advantages. More than I’d expect. However, this sit-to-stand desk does come with some potential downsides. I’ll discuss them both below.

FitDesk Advantages:

1. Sit-to-Stand Versatility

Standing desks can prevent you from sitting all the time and therefore help you burn more calories during the day. However, many of us find it challenging to stand for the entire day.

Having a sit-to-stand desk enables us to do a little of both – at our convenience. (Plus, the gas piston takes the work out of raising and lowering the desktop.) Plus, we don’t have to waste money buying 2 different desks. =)

Rolling Casters on the FitDesk Sit-to-Stand Desk2. The Desk Moves

The FitDesk includes rolling casters, so you can be completely mobile while you work. Whether you want to move around your office, work in different locations of your home or even take your desk with you to different events – you can! It only weighs about 48 lbs.

3. You Don’t a Lot of Space

The compact desk size means that you don’t have to find a large space to locate your desk. The footprint is only about 2.5 feet long x 2 feet deep, which is significantly smaller than the average office workstation.

You might even be able to roll it into a closet when you’re done using it. Imagine that!

Under-Desk Cord Keeper Basket on the FitDesk Sit Stand Desk4. The Desktop Keeps Your Organized

The desktop features a handy cord-keeper. In addition to organizing electronic cords and keeping them out of the way, this under-desk basket keeps cords safe while rolling your desk around.

5. It’s On Sale

FitDesk actually sells this desk on their own website for $299. However, you can get it now through Amazon (with free shipping no less) for 25% less.

FitDesk Disadvantages:

1. Unfortunately, you can’t really use a walking treadmill with this desk because of the protruding legs at the base. They simply aren’t wide enough to use a treadmill.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on walking while you work, this desk can save you a few hundred dollars.

2. The desktop surface measures approximately 2.5 feet wide by 2 feet deep. Although this can provide a good amount of space for working on a laptop, it may feel a little small for some people.

For example, this mobile standing desk measures almost 40″ across by 29″ deep. You get a little more workspace for about the same price.

FitDesk Review:

FitDesk Specs:



Folding Treadmill with Desk for Running, Walking or Working. Folds and Rolls for Compact Storage, Adjustable Height Desk, Quiet Motor

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