LifeSpan Treadmill Sit and Stand Desk: Pros & Cons

Sit and Stand Desk with Treadmill

Do you have the space in your office and want to be able to either sit, stand or walk at your desk? LifeSpan offers the perfect solution with their TR1200-DT5T Treadmill, Standing Workstation and Tandem Desk. It is a sit and stand desk. If you don’t know anything about LifeSpan treadmills and desks, check out this page for details.

Why is this Sit and Stand Desk Better?

Lifespan Standing Desk Digital DisplayMany adjustable standing desks allow users to stand and sit at the desk by changing the height of the desktop to either standing or seated level. However, if you have a walking treadmill under your desk, you can’t really use a chair with it unless you move the treadmill.

Therefore, we’re stuck with having to choose whether we want to have a treadmill option or a seated option. If you want all 3 choices, there is really no place to go – unless you want to re-arrange your office furniture and pull out the treadmill every time you want to make a switch. Not very efficient (or convenient) in my opinion.

However, LifeSpan’s combination standing workstation with tandem desk allow you to easily switch between all 3 work styles without a lot of fuss. For example, let’s say you prefer to write or do graphic design work while seated in a chair – but you want to take phone calls, participate in webinars and complete reading projects while walking on a treadmill.

And whether you want different desk options or not, you may find out after the fact that you wish you had both. According to Cnet, standing all day definitely burns more calories but can get tiresome at the same time. Moving more is the main idea here, and if moving between sitting and standing counts too.

Hiding Computer WiresAnother benefit to this workstation is that the desktop is adjustable. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have the proper height desk while standing (or walking) for long periods of time. Wikipedia has a good diagram that demonstrates the angles at which the desk and monitor should be positioned.

See what I mean?

By the way…

You might be wondering you can position the tandem desk to either side of the treadmill desk or if you can only use it on one side. I am happy to say the the seated desk can be used on either side.

Sit and Stand Desk Specs:

  • Treadmill Desktop: 36.5″ deep x 46.75″ wide
  • Seated Desktop: 31″ deep x 48″ wide
  • Treadmill Belt: 20′ wide x 56″ long
  • Treadmill Speed: 0.4 – 4.0 mph
  • For users from 4’10” to 6’8″ tall and under 350 lbs.
  • Desks adjust manually
  • Desk weighs 325 lbs
  • Click here for more information

The Cons:

So, all may sound well and good, but there are some downsides to this dual sit and stand workstation.

First of all, it’s more expensive than buying a single desk and way more expensive than building your own. Get ready to spend about $2,000. (That said, keep in mind that you are actually buying 2 desks, so if you have 2 people using the desk, the cost factor becomes a lot less expensive.) And Lifespan has been making high-quality exercise equipment for over 15 years.

Secondly, it takes up a significant amount of space. On top of the treadmill being almost 5 feet long, both sit and stand desks side-by-side measure about 8 feet wide. Make sure your office has enough room to handle it.

Third, you may prefer an automatic adjustable hight desk. They are just easier and quicker that a manual sit and stand desk, especially if you are adjusting the hight frequently. That said, this hi-tech feature isn’t free. Plus, unlike the manual option, it has the potential to break.

The video below demonstrates how the digital console works and how it tracks steps, mileage and calories burned. Note: this is for the standing treadmill desk only, but the tandem package includes the same features.

Click here for the LifeSpan treadmill desk



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