My Review: Under Desk Elliptical for Sit-Stand Desks

Man Using Under Desk Mini Elliptical While Sitting and Standing at Desk

If you’re familiar with treadmill desks at all, then working out while you work is nothing new. However, what if you have a sit-stand desk?

How can you walk on the treadmill desk while you are sitting? Wait, let me answer that for you: you can’t.

That’s where the j/Fit Mini Elliptical comes in. You can use it while you are sitting or standing. On top of that, you can easily carry it from desk to desk or workstation to workstation because it weighs less than 25 lbs. (Try to do that with a treadmill!)

What I Like About the Under Desk Elliptical:

1. The price.

Priced at $150, this unique under desk elliptical machine has a low cost that virtually any multi-tasking desk worker would like. I mean, compare it to the price of an annual gym membership. You don’t have to factor in lots of maintenance costs or upkeep either because this is a very simple device.

2. It’s a multi-tasker itself.

Even though it’s cheaper than your typical desk treadmill, the j/Fit still tracks your distance traveled, time peddling, speed and calories burned. Do you like gadgets like the FitBit that tracks your daily steps? You’ll appreciate this fitness monitor that records your activity while you are working. Talk about multi tasking!

Men Working at Vari Desk Adjustable Standing Desk3. Its versatile.

Compared to under-desk treadmills, this mini elliptical can can act both a standing desk and a regular one. If you have a sit-stand desk, you can get a ton of use out of the j/Fit.

Furthermore, it has adjustable tension. Therefore, you can essentially increase the calories you want to burn per hour. Get a workout in while you are on a conference call or go for a leisurely stroll if you need to type talk and walk at the same time.

And don’t think you can’t burn plenty of calories from a slow-paced stride. Studies have shown that walking has just as many health benefits as that hard core sprint. If you want to step it up a notch and burn more calories, consider using a weighted vest while walking.

One more thing to keep in mind. If you’ve ever tried one of these small stepper devices, you probably already know that they don’t work while you are sitting down. The pedals require too much pressure to push, and the foot pads are placed at the incorrect angle. This is not the case with the j/Fit. The pedals are adjustable so that people can use them in a variety of situations.

Chart Explaining Mini Elliptical Parts and How the Device Works

4. You can use it more often.

Man Carrying Under Desk Elliptical MachineIf you work in an office and at home, just pack it up and take it with you. In fact, it even comes with a carrying handle. And if you haven’t guessed already, you can take advantage of this calorie-burning machine while you are watching TV, reading or talking on the phone. This may even be easier than what Medline Plus recommends: an exercise mat or stationary bike.

Oh, and don’t worry, the j/Fit was designed with “Quiet” in mind. It runs more smoothly and makes less noise because it uses larger skateboard wheels.

5. You don’t have to build a desk around it.

If you’ve ever looked into building your own treadmill desk, you know that it can sometimes turn into a complicated, time-consuming and expensive project. If you are working in a small office space, a treadmill desk may not even be an option.

The mini elliptical trainer, on the other hand, fits pretty much anywhere. Now there is no need to build a desk. Just use the one you have or get something like an inexpensive floating wall desk.

No Electrical Outlet Needed6. It doesn’t require electricity.

That’s right, you don’t have to plug it in. This means that you are not limited by the availability of power outlets, and you don’t have to pay for electricity either.

7. It doesn’t take up a lot of space.

I sort of covered this point in #5 above, however, it bears mentioning again. Do you work in a home office/guest room or you commute from your kitchen counter or dining room table? Well, you don’t need me to tell you that don’t have much space.

This under-desk elliptical requires minimal area. However, you can also stuff it in a closet or drawer when you’re done using it.

What I Don’t Like About the Mini Elliptical

1. It requires more effort.

When I’m walking on an electric treadmill, the machine moves at the pace I set until I actively turn it off. You can’t do that with this device. With the j/Fit, it’s harder maintain a certain pace if I am not paying attention. It can be easy to get distracted by work and slow down.

2. Smaller strides.

If you are tall, have longer legs or simply want to take larger strides, don’t try it on the j/Fit. That part is not adjustable. Read more here.

Another option is the InMotion Compact Elliptical Trainer. It costs about $30 more but it comes with resistance bands. Here is a video showing how the machine works (very similar to the j/Fit).

InMotion Compact Elliptical Trainer



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