Flexispot Standing Desk Exercise Bike [ VS a Treadmill Desk ]

Do you want to burn calories while you work… without having to stand up? Check out the Flexispot Standing Desk Exercise Bike that lets you “workout” while you get work done!

Flexispot Standing Desk Exercise Bike

New a low-impact fitness routine that can help you burn calories? Not problem! This under desk bicycle also works well for all fitness levels. It’s easy to get started, plus you don’t need to schedule time to get to the gym. =)
Desk Bike Electronic Monitor Showing YourDistance, Speed and Calories Burned While Cycling and Working
Plus, this bike-desk comes with a cool battery-operated monitor. (No electricity needed!)

It works as a great motivator, helping you track your time, speed, distance and calories burned during your pedaling sessions.

However, you can also order this machine with a removable desk!

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro VS the Under Desk Exercise Bike

Flexispot Deskcise Pro with Attachable/Removable Desk - use While Cycling or as a Standing Desk!Flexispot offers 2 different versions of this desk cycle. First, you can buy this exerciser with an adjustable desktop attached. Therefore, you don’t need to have a separate desk.

Alternatively, you can save about $100 and get the under-desk bike without the desktop. Simply slide the bicycle underneath your current standing workstation and adjust the seat height as needed.

The Deskcise Pro gives you the convenience of a built-in desk that you can raise or lower. In addition, you can use it as a standing desk too. This version does cost about $100 more that without the attached desk. But let’s face it – $100 is cheap for a desk, right?

In either case, you get whisper-quiet pedaling so you can take phone calls or work in a group setting without interrupting others. The bikes also both come with 8 different resistance settings, so you can increase your work output if you want.

Flexispot Standing Desk Exercise Bike Specs:

  • Dimensions: Product dimension: 37.6″ Long x 22.8″ Wide x 29.6″- 37.2″ Tall
  • Seat Height: 29.6″ – 37.2″ high
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Sizing: Best for People Between 5’1″ and 6’2″ Tall
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • 2 Color Options: Black or White
  • Minimal Assembly Required: Download Assembly Manual here
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Manufacturer: Flexispot Phone Number: (855) 421-2808
  • Get the Flexispot Desk Bike here

Features of the Flexispot Deskcise Exercise Bike with Removable Standing Desk

Note: Although the Flexispot Deskcise provides a great desk for a home office, you don’t have to work while you use it. Think about any activity that you would do on your computer – now you can burn calories instead of just sitting!

Deskcise Bicycle Desk VS a Treadmill Desk

If you want to exercise at your desk while you work, this under-desk bike offers a practical solution. It takes up less space than a treadmill desk, plus it weighs less and therefore it’s easier to move.

Note: You can move this desk exercise bike to different locations in your office. Or, if you work from home, take it outside, move it in front of the TV, etc.. The attached caster wheels make it ultra simple to roll around without much effort.

Similar to walking at a standing desk, cycling can boost your concentration while working. In fact, many people report increased productivity where they get more work done in less time.

Both walking and cycling are low impact activities, similar to a desk elliptical device. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stressing joints or injuring yourself while you’re working.

Not to mention, you can also burn more calories and even lose weight simply by moving while you “sit” at your desk.

Is a Standing Desk Bike Better than a Treadmill Desk?

Life Fitness Treadmill DeskUnlike treadmill desks, though, you can use this portable workstation to either sit or stand.

In other words, you can pedal for an hour, stand for an hour and then sit for an hour. Vary your work positions with simple desk exercises to prevent muscle atrophy and poor posture.

**Also, this under-desk peddler doesn’t require electricity to run.

Therefore, you don’t have to find an electrical outlet, nor do you have to pay the additional cost for power.

Note: By the way, you don’t have to pedal to the point where you get out of breath. Even slow, easy pedaling can help activate glute, quad and calf muscles. Plus, moving your legs prevents them from getting stiff or falling asleep.

As you can see, you can take advantage of several health benefits with your bicycle desk, without actually working out.

Standing Desk Exercise Bike VS FitDesk 2.0 Bike with Desk

FitDesk 2.0 Stationary Desk Bike with Seat Back, Exercise Bands and Workout Monitor Built InAlternatively, you can get the FitDesk 2.0 (or now 3.0) exercise bike. It costs less money than the Flexispot and includes a seat back.

However, the small desk set-up does not seem very useful. Plus, you can’t really roll it underneath a larger standing desk that you may already have.

In addition, you can’t adjust the height of the desk surface. Therefore, you can only use this machine as a stationary desk bike, not as a standing workstation.

All that said, if you simply want a piece of desk exercise equipment that allows you to burn calories while sitting down, you can use the FitDesk 2.0 for desk workouts as well.


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